Kon-Tiki flame curtain pyrolysis

While most of the biochar produced during the last 5000 years was produced with open fire, modern pyrolysis suppresses the fire. The separation of the carbonisation and the flaming of the pyrolysis gases make pyrolysis technology prone to failure and expensive which is one of the reasons why the biochar technology did not have yet it's breakthrough.  The Kon-Tiki flame curtain kiln re-connect biochar making to the ancient wisdom and craft of fire making and combines it with smart design based on modern thermodynamics to produce high quality char with low emissions.

World of Kon-Tiki

For many years countless individuals, be they farmers, foresters or those looking to offset their carbon footprint, have been waiting to produce significant amounts of biochar easily by themselves or at least to buy it at reasonable prices. The Kon-Tiki fulfills this desire, this longing for self-sufficiency and for closed loop nutrient recycling. How else can we explain the...

Dig your own soil Kon-Tiki

Biochar can be produced without any investment and with only natural construction materials. Dig a conical pit in the form of a Kon-Tiki, ram the clay, level stones as a upper rim shield around the pit and start barely one hour later to produce your first own biochar.

Operating Instructions

Operating a Kon-Tiki is actually very simple. Nevertheless for clean combustion and excellent quality biochar specific details are important, which takes a bit of experience and flair. In particular when mixing different types of biomass with different energy and water content levels, you need good observation skills. The following instructions are meant to provide some...