Animal Farming

Liquid Manure Treatment

Biochar adsorbs efficiently Ammonia, Ammonium and other odorous organic substances. While in non-treated liquid manure lagoons more than 30% of Nitrate is lost to the atmosphere, the treatment of liquid manure with biochar, lactobacilli and rock powder nearly all Nitrogen can be stored in a plant available form. As the fertilizing efficiency further increase, the fertilizer capacity of the manure nearly doubles. 

Biochar Feed Additives

Charcoal is probably the oldest and most efficient remedy in the history of animal farming. Somewhat forgotten over the last 50 years, it has been rediscovered thanks to modern biochar research. The use of biochar as a feed additive has a number of beneficial effects for both animals and the entire livestock eco-system: improved animal health, nutrient management and feed efficiency as well as the reduction of manure related odors.  

Cascading use of biochar in animal farming

At present some 90% of the biochar used in Europe goes first into animal farming and only post-consumption does it become a soil amendment. Whether used in feeding, bedding (litter) or in slurry treatment, a farmer will quickly notice less odor. Used as a feed supplement, the incidence of diarrhea rapidly decreases, feed intake is improved, allergies disappear, and animals...